Peraj Private Limited

The customer holds indisputable right to expect nothing but the best. Do not pursue or insist upon him to    settle for anything less than that.

There is always another Point of view. Listen carefully, understand correctly & answer sufficiently.

However much you rub, a coin continues to have two sides. Till you are able to present your side efficiently,    you cannot argue effectively.

The only key to success is work. If you commit yourself to a task and devote all your energies to it, you    cannot avoid success.

The key to remain Successful is improvisation. The first step towards improvisation is constant introspection.    However, this is only the first step, not the only measure.

Do not hesitate to criticize yourself. This can be useful. Instead, avoid having reasons to criticize yourself.    This will be more useful.

Earning money is essential for Survival. Earning confidence and goodwill is must for future growth. If you    have secured your future, your survival is anyway ensured.

No Balance Sheet reflects the true worth of a Company. For, it is customer satisfaction, which is the real    asset of a Company. Reserves can reverse, but goodwill stays.

Competition is an appetizer for growth. Do not avoid it. It is healthy. Also, do not ignore it. It would then be    unhealthy.

Being better than others does not mean being the best. If you have broken all records do not forget you    have more to do. Set unbreakable records.

Survival which depends on your competitor's incapability is dangerous. You need to rely more on your    capability.

In today's competitive world, opportunities are as many as ever before. Only the time is too little to grab    them.

As intricacies in modern day economics continue to grow manifold, the solution remains simple as ever. Work    harder.

The quality of your work is your true worth, not the money earned therefrom.

Customer's security is our commitment. And their smile, our achievement.