Peraj Private Limited

Understand the need /Analyze the risk exposure

To achieve this, detailed discussions with various departments is required. It is important to ensure that there is neither a lapse nor overlapping of covers. Also, the entire business is clearly understood right from the time of purchase of raw material until sales and distribution. This is to analyze any uninsured risk exposure.

Selection of Insurer

In this era of specialization even the Insurers have found the need to develop expertise and focus on core areas. It is advantageous to select Insurers as per their product design in different lines of Insurance.

Negotiation of covers

Though most of the conventional policies are controlled by tariff, in modern day business complexities are many and there is need to design specialized covers. An effective representation is required to be made to the insurer, to negotiate a broad yet economically acceptable cover. Also, in the conventional covers, it is better to clearly understand the scope of cover, restrictions, the basis of valuation viz. basis of indemnification etc, before purchasing the covers.

Review of policy wordings

This is one of the most important aspects. The wordings, warranties, description of property etc. have an impact on the validity of claim. An independent, detailed review i.e., to say a PRO ACTIVE approach rather than a REACTIVE approach would help avoid disputes or delays in event of a claim. Of course, such study does warrant thorough knowledge and rich experience.

Continued interaction

This is not only to understand the need for fresh covers or canceling superfluous covers but for the personnel at various levels in different departments, it is important to have knowledge of breadth and restrictions of the cover. More importantly, procedures to follow in event of different kinds of claim. This also has an impact on claim.

Risk Management

An insurance claim may indemnify the entire direct physical loss of or to the property affected, provided it is adequately covered. However, events can lead to invisible losses, which may be larger than the direct loss such as wastage of resources, loss of market, goodwill etc. Effective risk management plays an important role in controlling the chances of occurrence as well as the impact of such occurrence. Also, it helps to control the cost of Insurance by way of direct discounts or may be by self insurance.

Assistance in monitoring the renewals

We assist the client by maintaining a policy register and intimate to the client well before time, the details of expiring policy and help an insure that policies are renewed in time.

Changes in tariffs, policy conditions etc.

Review and revision in tariffs, policy conditions etc. is a continuous process and we undertake the responsibility to keep the clients updated of latest developments, well in time to be able to restructure the policies wherever it is found advantageous.



Other than review of policy wordings, claim assistance etc., one of the specialized services that we provide is effective and economical designing of insurance covers for green field projects. In the past we have had an opportunities to be associated with many prestigious projects.

For each client, a team is formed. This team comprises of members of Administrative and Technical department. They are supported by a Risk Engineer and led by an Account Director who is responsible for the whole relation. His basic duties are:

Understand and analyze individual need of each client.

Analyze risk exposure of each location with technical support of Risk Engineer to minimize chances of loss.

Coordinate between the Risk Engineer and other members of the team to ensure maximum benefits to the    client.

To fully acquaint the client the scope of cover of the Insurance policies purchased and the restrictions they    carry.

Review and monitor all renewals.

Try and develop a healthy and more client friendly relation between the Insurance Company and the client.



Servicing/handling of claims requires deep study of International law and practices. Our experience in handling complicated claims of various types has enabled us to gain enough expertise to deal with the Insurance companies and/or their agents to ensure expeditious and satisfactory settlement of claims. It is on records that we have been able to obtain settlement, for many claims which were rejected prior to referring us, by Insurance Companies in India and abroad, including ILU and Lloyds.

Claim Procedure

On receipt of advice from the clients about intimation of loss, we contact clients through Phone / Fax / E mail    within 24 hrs. And provide guidance on the immediate actions they are required to take.

To appoint a site representative for claim management & for building up claim records who would visit the    site once a week or more, when necessary.

We ensure that the surveyor is immediately appointed and that he reaches the site of loss within 48 hrs.

In event of major losses, our representative also visits along with the surveyor.

Assist department to prepare the papers for the claim.

Follow up with the Insurance Co. for expeditious settlement.

Keep track of the open claims and report to the management.